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Liberty Horse Supplies

PVC Roof system

PVC Roof system

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Upgrade your Basic Liberty Supplies Hay Ring to a Deluxe model with our comprehensive roof system. This all-in-one solution includes everything you need to transform your hay ring and provide optimal protection for your livestock. Our 2-meter post and joiners will elevate your hay ring, while the top-quality PVC roof with 48 brass eyelets and top ring will ensure your animals stay safe from the elements. The two curved aluminum joists and rope will secure the roof to the top rail ring, ensuring maximum stability. Add the Deluxe Liberty Supplies Hay Ring roof system to your setup today and give your hay extra protection from the elements.

Items included:

  • Post and joiners to make your Liberty Supplies Hay Ring 2 m tall
  • Post joiners
  • A top quality PVC roof with 48 brass eyelets
  • A top ring to support the roof
  • Two curved aluminium joists
  • Rope to secure the PVC roof to the top rail ring
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