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Welcome to Liberty Supplies.

Liberty Supplies is your premier source for wholesale horse supplies, specialising in handmade hay nets and rings.

Every detail is thoughtfully considered, ensuring not only the durability and versatility of our products but, most importantly, the respiratory health of your horses.

That's right! Each product embodies our dedication to horse well-being, reflecting a passion for providing equestrians with reliable and superior solutions to enhance the overall welfare of their horses, starting with nurturing their respiratory health.

Bulk Orders.

For enquiries regarding bulk orders, please reach out to us. We'd be delighted to discuss personalised solutions and offer exclusive discounts tailored to your requirements.

Call Jordyn on 0460 326 800.

Email Jordyn at info@libertysupplies.com.au


How does the hay ring arrive?

Our hay rings come in a flat-packed style with step-by-step instructions provided, this is the unique style of the PolySafe hay rings. The ability to send our hay rings flat packed helps reduce postage rates, giving Eastern state horse owners the ability to use our hay rings! 

Can I put the hay ring in the back of my ute?

Yes, when the hay rings are unassembled you can fit it in a style side or tray back dual cab ute safely. There may be a small amount of overhang but this is within safe loading limits. When assembled, it is safer to transport your hay ring on a trailer with the PVC roof system off. 

How big is the hay ring?

Our Deluxe Hay Rings are 2 meters in height and 2.2 meters wide. Our Basic Hay Rings are .9 meters high and 2.2 meters wide. They can fit a 6 ft hay roll easily. 

How heavy is my hay ring?

Our Deluxe Hay Rings weigh 55 kg and our Basic Hay Rings weigh 35 kg. The hay rings are made with the horse owner in mind, keeping it light while still super tough and strong!

Why is there a gap between my PVC roof and the top rail?

We have left a small gap between the PVC circle and the top rail to allow for expansion and contraction as your hay ring is in the elements. You should be checking your hay ring periodically for damage, loose screws and other general safety checks (we all know what horses are like!) and tightening the PVC roof circle before winter to make sure the rain doesn't pool on the roof is part of the maintenance required. 

A part of my Hay Ring is broken, can I replace it?

Yes! We stock replacement parts for all of our products. Get in contact with Jordy to organise some replacement parts.

Can I have my side guard made to be extra high?

Yes, that is possible. Our side guard comes in 2 sizes, .75 meters high or 1 meter high. There is no extra charge for changing the height of the side guard. 

We live in a windy area, how does the Hay Ring go in the weather?

Your hay ring comes with internal tie-down points, where you have the option to attach it to a pallet. This provides extra security along with keeping the bottom of your hay bale dry. There is always a chance your hay ring may move in inclement weather, but so do trampolines, if there is a chance your hay ring could move it is best to ensure it is weighed down. My own personal PolySafe Deluxe Hay Ring has been through some big storms, bushfires and other weather events and has stood the test of time. 

We have a Basic hay ring, can we add a roof system to it later?

Yes! The beauty of the PolySafe design is it can be budget-friendly, with the ability to add on elements when you need them. 

Can we customise our hay ring?

If you want something custom, please contact Jordy to see if it's possible. 

How hot does the Hay Ring get?

We have found out hay rings don't get any hotter than the typical metal hay ring. However you may find the hay ring does expand and contract with hot and cold weather, this is taken into consideration in the design and you shouldn't find this an issue. 

How do HDPE and Poly Pipe go when exposed to the sun and heat?

The pipe is designed to be in the elements, with carbon black, utilised in most all HDPE pipe is the most effective ultraviolet stabiliser and therefore, black is the recommended pipe colour for exposed pipe long term.

How do I store my hay ring when it's not in use?

We suggest when storing your hay ring to have it sitting the correct way up and not left on its side for long periods of time. Due to the nature of Poly and HDPE, there is a given amount of flexibility and if stored on its side it may change the overall shape of the hay ring. Once righted and it's been a warm day the hay ring should go back to its original shape.