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High and Dry Hay Feeder

High and Dry Hay Feeder

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Introducing the robust hay feeder that makes filling hay nets a breeze! Designed to keep your hay dry and made with the same high-quality materials as the Liberty Supplies Hay Rings, this feeder is the perfect addition to your barn or stable. With its easy-to-use design, simply lift the lid and fill the hay net without the hassle of struggling with hay bags.

This versatile hay feeder can be attached to a wall or hung on a fence or gate, giving you the flexibility to use it wherever is most convenient. It can hold nearly a full square bale of hay (about 3/4, depending on your size of bale), making it an ideal solution for feeding multiple horses or larger animals.

The feeder also comes with a Strong Knotted Hay Net with 5 cm squares, ensuring that your hay stays securely in place while your animal’s feed. If you require a different hole size or net type, just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.

We can also assemble your High and Dry Hay Feeder for you for $90 per feeder, available for pick up only.

Weight: 12kg

Dimensions: 100 × 10 × 65 cm

Net type: 3 cm Strong Knotted, 4 cm Strong Knotted, 5 cm Strong Knotted, 6 cm Strong Knotted, 4.5 cm Soft Tough, 6 cm Soft Tough

Package type: flat packed with instructions.

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