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Liberty Horse Supplies

Deluxe Liberty Supplies Hay Ring

Deluxe Liberty Supplies Hay Ring

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Tie Down Kit

Introducing the Liberty Supplies Hay Ring with Roof System and Side Guard, the perfect solution for your outdoor hay storage needs.

This durable hay ring features a high-quality PVC roof with UV protection and 48 eyelets, providing reliable protection against the elements.

The strong polyethylene side guard further enhances the durability of this hay ring, making it a long-lasting investment for your horse or livestock.

For added convenience, a net and weather shield can be supplied for an additional cost, providing even more protection for your hay.

Our hay rings can come with an optional tie down kit. This can provide extra security with four stainless steel saddles that are attached internally and can be tied to a pallet. This can provide security of mind while also keeping the bottom of your hay bale dry. 

Whether you’re storing hay for your livestock or simply need a reliable outdoor storage solution, the Liberty Supplies Hay Ring with Roof System and Side Guard is the perfect choice. Invest in this top-quality hay ring today and enjoy durable, reliable hay storage for years to come.

For bulk orders (orders over 2) get in contact with Jordyn, call her on 0460 326 800 or email her at

Weight: 47.1kg

Dimensions: 2m tall x 2.2m diameter 

Package type: flat packed with instructions.

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