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6 Foot Round Bale – Slow Release Hay Net

6 Foot Round Bale – Slow Release Hay Net

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This net is for a round bale of hay which is larger than a standard bale.  A 6 foot bale measures 1.8m on the flat side and 1.2 m high.

For horses who need to slow down their hay consumption, choose the smaller 4cm holes (although if they aren’t used to a bale net get at least 5 cm holes so they don’t get frustrated with small holes as you are more likely to end up with the horse making holes in your net).

For horses who don’t need to be restricted from hay consumption, or horses that find it difficult to eat through a small hole, choose a 6cm hole.

Choose from our two net types (each is a different price)

  • Strong Knotted Net (for horses that need a tougher net) comes in 3, 4, 5 and 6 cm holes.
  • Soft Tough Knotless Net (for horses that can destroy nets this is our toughest and is super tough) Comes with 4.5 cm & 6 cm holes.

If your bales are an unusual shape, contact me to discuss a size that suits you. We can also make custom size nets.

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