Wahooo!  Finally I am finished all four new products.  Three new animal enclosures and garden beds.  It has been pretty hot in the workshop over summer but it has been worth it.  It has taken me twice as long as expected by I won’t compromise on quality and ease of use.  Finally I am happy to market them and they are all loaded and ready to go on my website.

Liberty Horse Supplies is still the official name of my business but the website and the new FB page run under Liberty Supplies Pet and Garden Products.  The FB page Liberty Horse Supplies will stay the same.  Thank you everyone for your support.

Here are a few pictures of what I have been working on.

They can be used for chicks, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, ferrets………….even a holding pen for a puppy.  The Large with frame only can be altered to accommodate a greenhouse or shade house.


Small Enclosure:  giving nearly 3 square meters of ground space, 60 cm high.



Medium Enclosure:  giving 4 square meters of ground space, 1 meter high with easy access side door that allows you to stand or squat inside.



Large Enclosure:  giving 7 square meters of ground space, 2 meters high for easy walk in access.



Large Enclosure – frame only.  This can be adapted for a wide range of uses from a shade house to a green house.


Liberty Supplies Garden Beds, various shapes and designs.

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