The answer may be obvious if you have used one before but not everyone has.  I received a phone call yesterday asking me the easiest way to put a net on a 5 foot round bale.  The lady said “I know this will sound dumb but how do I…………”.  It is not a dumb question.

  1. First, make sure your net is a generous size for your bale.  Do not try and put a 5 foot net on a 6 foot bale.  You will start to use colourful words and wonder why you bought the net in the first place.  If in doubt, measure your bale and phone the supplier to make sure you get what you need.
  2. Put your bale in place and take off the “Farmer Twine” (I’m sure there is another name)  that is already around the bale. If your bale is on the flat, unwind it.  If your bale is on its side, you can cut it off with a knife.If you think your bale will start to fall apart when you take the twine off, put your net over the top third of the bale before you take the last layer of twine off.
  3. Think of your net as a large sock you are putting over the top of the bale, pulling it down so the tie up rope ends up at the  bottom of the bale near the ground.  Remove all the twine before you pull the net all the way down.
  4. If you can tip your bale over, you can pull the rope tight and fully enclose your bale in the net. If  you can’t tip your bale over you will need to pull the rope as tight as you can and make it snug around the bottom.  If your horse is clever, he may tip the bale over himself and find the large hole.  If he does this, pull the rope tight and close the hole.

NOTE:  When you tie up your rope make sure there is no loop that your horse can get its foot in.

NOTE:  Your hay bale will collapse inside the net and become like a big pillow, there is nothing you need to do until it is empty.  No need to try and keep it tight.

NOTE:  Do NOT use a net with horses that are shod, unless you use a round bale protector where the horse cannot get his hooves near the net.

There are many good nets on the market today.  For a Liberty Supplies Net with three different hole sizes to choose from, go to or call me on 0403808041.