Part of my blog will be to introduce you to our horses, first one at at a time, then as a herd.

If you have horses you will understand the need to “show them off” to the world!

Seriously though, I find it really beneficial to read about other horses.  It is how we learn about real life horses and real life journeys.  I feel my journey and my horses are very similar to many women.

Let’s get started.

Magic, my standardbred.  Ok, the name doesn’t thrill me.  Seriously, Magic!!  That’s like Rainbow Cupcake Starlight.  Sorry, just doesn’t do it for me.  I love Magic (the horse, not the name), and we are used to her name now, and I would never change it.  I guess she is magical though, as she began my journey with horses.

About 6 years ago we got a pony for my daughter (you will read about him in later blog).  Well he needed a companion, right? (You can see where this is going….. 4 horses later..).  Anyway, a friend had a standardbred that needed a home. 14 years old (I was told she was 16), trialed but not raced, a trotter, had a bit of a tough life, wasn’t really fond of people.  Sound familiar for a standy?

At this stage I was riding my neighbour’s horse once in a while.  I loved it, but we didn’t really connect and I wasn’t yet horse mad.  Magic changed that.  Having your own horse is very different from riding someone else’s horse.  Magic only came to keep the pony company for a little while.  To this day I never have agreed to keep her! LOL. Sound familiar for a standy?

We learnt together. She is an extremely stubborn horse.  She is also very tolerant. She taught me a lot!  I always felt she kept me safe.  No buck, bolt or rear.  Ok maybe just one bolt, but I survived that. Our journey was on track and she was growing older.  Hubby asked what I would do when she got too old. Well of course I went out and bought a one year old didn’t I (again, that story will be in a later blog).  Sound familiar?

Magic and I did a lot together, mostly trail riding and a few clinics.  After one long floating trip to a clinic two years ago Magic came home sick. Bacterial lung infection.  Many meds and dollars later and the infection cleared but a lot of scar tissue remains on her lungs.  She has flare ups regularly. Her standing respiration should be 8 – 15 breaths per minute. Anywhere between 20 and 30 is good for Magic.  60 has been her worst.  If she goes high she gets a shot of steroids.  4 – 10 ml in the neck, even my young daughter can do this now.  We have tried all kinds of holistic herbal remedies but can’t be without steroids on hand. At the moment she only has a couple of flare ups per month.

So Magic is retired.  She is the herd boss of 5 horses at the moment.  She is damn good at it, keeping all the horses in line, in a gentle and fair manner.  All the horses love and respect her.  For now Magic isn’t suffering and she can live out her retirement with me.  She still isn’t a cuddly horse.  She still doesn’t really like people.  But she does teach me things all the time.  I love her heaps.

Thanks to the wonderful standy horse, and thank you to Magic Rainbow Fluffy Sweetie Pie.  Actually, I have since found out her race name was Derby Magic.  Derby suits her.  But we mostly call her The Queen.