I’m not a green thumb, I get distracted easily, growing food is hard.  For years now I get a spring time urge to grow veggies, I work hard, I plant, I weed, I water, I forget, they die.

When we lived in Collie, many many years ago, it seemed easy.  Our back yard had real soil in it.  We tilled it, we planted, it grew.  Then we moved to the Pilbara, I think we managed some watermelons.  Now in Serpentine we lack good soil and it’s hard, especially when weeds just love our sandy soil.  So this year I gave up on a ploughed up veggie patch.  Instead I went for raised beds.

For those that know me well, you will know I decided to build my own.  For those that know me too well, you know I used poly pipe to make them.  My good friend Jill now just calls me Poly.

So what did I do different to make this work.

  1.  Planted close to the house.  Seriously, if I don’t trip over them every day, several times, I will forget they are there.
  2.  Put them in a spot without grass invasion being a serious problem.
  3.  Set up automatic reticulation.  I will never remember to hand water them.
  4.  Filled the garden bed with good healthy soil.  I used composted horse manure from my heap and added some cow and  sheep manure which I bought.
  5.  Fenced them off so the chooks couldn’t destroy my veggies.
  6.  Planted only the types of veggies we eat a lot of and want to have fresh.  So lots of salads.

It’s early days but so far things are looking good.  I’m also pretty pleased with the Liberty Supplies Garden Beds I made as they will never rot or rust and I can change the outer surround to match any garden design I want, even when everything is already planted.

There are some great raised garden beds to choose from or build your own.  You can even use straw bales as your surround, or pallets.  Tin also is very popular today.  Do a Google on all your options as there are some great ideas.  If you want a Liberty Supplies Garden bed where you can design your shape, size, height and surround options, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Helen Davey.

Happy Gardening!